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Ministry Teams

Male Choir
 Led By: Mr. Johnny McIver

The Fisher Hill Male Choir is a ministry of the Fisher Hill Community Baptist Church, Inc. located in Cheraw, SC. The choir was organized in 1992 shortly after the establishment of the local church body. This group of young men has been singing God's praises during regular Sunday morning worship services, special pastoral engagements, various church choir anniversaries and on stage for musical concerts for the past 14 years.  


The Fisher Hill Male Choir's main purpose is to touch people by ministering and imparting the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. As an act of obedience to this "great purpose" over the years many people have been saved, set free, and delivered by the power of the Holy Ghost. As committed members each of them know their purpose in Christ and their purpose for being in the choir, and with those two elements working together they are able to minister more effectively.


 Brother Johnny McIver is currently directing the choir.